Lunch today – The story of Abraham

BSU  Lunch today
- Chicken strips, green beans and cheesy – bacon – mashed potatoes.
- Justin Dickens will share a brief story called “Abraham: a promised blessing.”
- We’ll have questions for everyone to discuss at their tables when he finishes.
- BSU Lunch will be over by 12:40 – plenty of time to get to your next class!
- Bring a friend! If it’s their first time to BSU lunch, they eat free.
- Every week Americans pay $2; our international friends eat FREE.
- You can buy a meal card for $20 to eat for the entire semester. – Great deal!!

12:01 lunch every Thursday
12:01 lunch every Thursday

BSU Monday night Bible study – Starts Sept. 8th

6:01 every Tuesday night

BSU will meet these Monday nights this fall from 7:00 to 8:15. Great opportunity to build friendships and study God’s word right on campus. This fall we are studying 11 parables.

Sept. 8   The Hidden Treasure & the Pearl of Great Price – Matthew 13:44-46    Chris James

Sept. 15   The Unforgiving Servant – Matthew 18:21-35    Chris James

Sept. 22   The Wedding Feast – Matthew 22:1-14    Walt Barnes

Sept. 29   Pray, Give, Go!    Jim Futral

Oct. 6   The Ten Virgins – Matthew 25:1-13    Gary Permenter

Oct. 13   The Talents – Matthew 25:14-30    Gary Permenter

Oct. 20   The Good Samaritan – Luke 10:25-37    Gary Permenter

Oct. 27   The Rich Fool – Luke 12:13-21    Raymond Johnson

Nov. 3   The Prodigal Son – Luke 15:11-32    Ivan Parke

Nov. 10   The Rich Man & Lazarus – Luke 16:19-31    Grant Stegall

Nov. 17   The Persistent Widow & the Pharisee and tax collector – Luke 18:1-14    Ivan Parke

Nov. 24   Worship team – a night to give thanks

Dec. 1   BSU Christmas Party

First-Year Survival Guide

One of our student leaders (Jacob Pruett) created this guide to help his family group “survive” and thrive in college. Some great advice in this list! 

  1. is your new best friend. Granted, you just came to university, so you have several new best friends, but you can have more than one best friend! :-)
  2. I am sure your advisor is sweet, kind, and understanding. (If not, sorry.) Like all human beings, though, your advisor is not omniscient. Be willing to make your own schedule. You’ll be happy at graduation that you did.
  3. Go to the BSU!!! The BSU is full of people who love you because you are the masterpiece of God, a treasure that He’s paid a high price for. We are not perfect people, but the BSU is filled with people of a similar mind: to draw closer to Christ.  It is just about always open, so stop by whenever.
  4. From my Honors Cal 2 prof:
    1. Be Patient
    2. Don’t give up
    3. Learn to be precise (as in check yourself…before you wreck yourself)
  5. Be sure to study every day. Also, be sure to treat each of the tests in your first batch of tests seriously. Do not base the difficulty of your tests on your homework. Once you’ve taken your first batch of tests, you can generally adjust your study schedule accordingly.
  6. All parking is open after 5:00. So after 5:00 you can park anywhere.
  7. Always have an umbrella handy.  Keep it in your backpack. Don’t be forced to rely on Riannah for an umbrella!
  8. Always check the back of whatever paper you are given!!!
  9. Textbook Brokers  across the street has much cheaper textbooks
  10. Hillcrest has the best food!!!!! Go to Hillcrest to eat whenever possible.
  11. Check your email every day, especially before class.  Once in a blue moon, your class will be cancelled, and your professor will normally inform you by an email to save you a walk.
  12. Be sure to spend time with God and read your Bible every day!  We’re serious. A lot of questions are going to be thrown at you. It’s okay if you don’t know all the answers, but don’t just give up. Go to your Bible and honestly search for it there. If it’s still unclear, get someone you trust to search with you.
  13. If you want to make some extra friends on campus, keep an eye out in the Fresh. If you see someone sitting by himself/herself without headphones in, feel free to sit next to them. The worst that can happen is that they don’t talk to you. On the other hand, a total stranger showing kindness to them might brighten their entire day, and you may just make a great friend!
  14. If you cannot see your professor during their office hours, feel free to email them about a short appointment! I promise you, most of them actually care about students who care, and most will try to meet with you as soon as is convenient for both of you. Don’t be intimidated by your professors!
  15. Get/Maintain within the first 3 weeks of school whatever habits you wish to have. You’re going to have the vast majority of your routine down about 3 weeks into this semester. If you want to go to church (and not going back home on the weekends), at least start visiting the local churches. If you want to stay in shape, start going to the gym with a friend within the week. If you want to have good grades, you’re your book to understand the materials in your classes at the beginning of the course.