Lunch today: “Table Talk” & chicken sandwiches👌🏼

Join us for lunch today as we have “Table Talk”! The round tables will be set up & we’ll be discussing questions to help you get to know those at your tables. This will be a fun time to get to know others and enjoy a great FREE meal! Bring a friend who wouldn’t normally come or go to church.

Menu: chicken sandwiches, baked beans & potato salad. Slide1

Lunch today: Summer Missionary Stories & Lasagna! 🇮🇹

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We will hear from two of our summer missionaries serving in the summer of 2016: Adam Rawls (Southeast Asia) & Cody Holland (Canada) Menu: lasagna, salad & breadsticks.  We have the hope that you will not only come but that you will invite a friend too. This is a unique opportunity you have while you are a student so take advantage of it!