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Bible study tonight at 7:00 – Gideon

March 2.001

Join us tonight as we take a look at Gideon and how God used Gideon in spite of his weak faith. Walt Barnes will be our guest speaker.

Our worship team will lead in a time of praise and adoration of Jesus and we’ll break into small groups at the end.

After we are finished tonight, we will announce the winners of the Penny Wars so stick around cause you won’t want to miss the ice cream sundae action!

Lunch today: What is the Atonement?

Join us for lunch today as Nick Kelsoe (student pastor at 38th Ave. Baptist Church) explains the atonement. This semester we have been studying Christian beliefs. We look forward to having Nick here.

Nick Kelsoe - 38th Ave. Baptist Church
Nick Kelsoe – 38th Ave. Baptist Church

We’re serving spaghetti, salad & breadsticks. Lunch is $2.00. If you are an international student, you eat free. If it’s your first time to ever come to a BSU lunch, yours is free. We accept cash, check or credit for payment.