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A letter from Lloyd Lunceford, BSU Director:

Dear Friends of BSU,

The 2015-16 school year will mark my 25th year as the BSU Director at Southern Miss.  It seems almost impossible that I have spent over half of my ministry years as a Golden Eagle.  To say that God has blessed me, is as great an understatement as Noah saying, “It looks like rain!”  Yes, my sense of humor, though warped, has gotten me through a lot during these 40+ years of ministering to college students.

One of my early memories of BSU came in the fall of 1970.  Having grown up in a small church in the Mississippi Delta, I had never experienced a large gathering of college students.  I found myself in Hattiesburg that November as a part of the Delta State College delegation to the annual Mississippi BSU Convention.  One of the Saturday afternoon activities was attending the dedication and open house of the new Baptist Student Center at the University of Southern Mississippi.  The building I enjoy working in and the property it sits on today were the vision and realization of Louie Farmer.  I was blessed to know and work with Brother Louie as a local BSU Director and the State Associate BSU director.  His love for missions and college students was the mark of his life as a BSU director.  This building was his vision and legacy that has so deeply blessed me during the years as the Southern Miss BSU Director.

When I came to this job in 1991 from my missions appointment in Taiwan, I had no idea of how God would lead me to use the training and language skills I had developed.  I would never have imagined the hundreds of students that would go with me to China and many other places in the world.  Today the sun never sets on Southern Miss as we have students serving across the US and around the world.

In 2013, the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board updated our roof and air conditioning system with total replacements.  I am so very grateful for their support and investment to reach, disciple, and mobilize students.  This renovation has left us with an opportunity to provide a unique place for ministry in what was the old air-handling room and outside compressor enclosure.  Because of Brother Louie’s vision and the commitment of Mississippi Baptists we own the property that allows us to do this project.

The drawings you see show a “kitchen” and patio that will enhance our BSU Center and it’s opportunity for ministry.  We are estimating that the cost of this project will be around $180,000.  If you would like to be a part of this project, please contact us at 601-264-5160 or  Pray that we would continue to see Southern Miss as a mission field and a training ground for missionaries to take the Gospel to the nations. – Lloyd

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