Leadership Team

2014 BSU Leadership Team

The Southern Miss BSU gives students an opportunity to lead so that once they graduate they will have valuable experience they can carry with them in their job or more importantly, their local church.

The BSU Leadership team consists of five individual teams. Each team has it’s own focus and goals. They include:

  1. Inreach – developing community among BSU students
  2. Missions – promote missions giving & going
  3. Internationals – work with reaching out and befriending USM international students
  4. Hospitality – set up and clean up at BSU events and facilities
  5. Worship – lead worship at our weekly Tuesday night Bible study – 6:01

Each team is led by a student vice-president. The entire leadership team is led by a BSU President. Check out the 2014 BSU Leadership team. The individual teams meet once a week and the entire team meets once a month. The team will serve from January to December.

**Being on the BSU leadership team also gives you the chance to be a Survival Weekend family group leader.**

Students can apply for the BSU Leadership team in October/November. Applications are due October 31, 2014. Interviews will happen November 3-5. Contact us if you would like to know more about the BSU Leadership team.

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