The heartbeat of the Southern Miss BSU is missions! We are adamant about students seriously considering giving & going to take the gospel to the world. If you are reading this, then we want YOU to PRAY about how God can use you to take the Good News of Jesus to the world this next year.

    Missions Banquet: Friday, November 7 – Give $50 & then come enjoy an evening of great food and fun entertainment at the BSU center.Missions Banquet is all about the GIVING. We are serious about students sending students with this huge event that has the potential to raise thousands in one night. Our students provide live skits and videos which will always provide a great laugh. The meal will be a steak/chicken dinner that could be the best meal you have eaten in 2014. At the missions banquet, we… Give so students can GO! Sign up at the BSU to give so you can come to the Missions Banquet on November 7th.
    1. Spring Break missions in San Francisco or Vancouver, Canada. Cost $800. Click here to fill out the application to go. Teams will be announced on Monday night, November 10.

    2. Summer Missions – cost to the student is determined by where you serve. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please call the BSU to set up a time to talk about these opportunities and the next steps you need to take.

If not us, then who? Our challenge to you is PRAY and listen to what Jesus is telling you then respond to his command. Lloyd and Kris (your BSU Directors) are available to talk about what you believe He is calling you to do this next year!

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