Ruth: Restored & Redeemed

March 16.001Join us at BSU tonight as Paul Watts teaches on Ruth and how God blessed her with love and privilege. Paul is the pastor of FBC in Franklinton, LA. The BSU worship team will also lead us in praise and adoration of Jesus. Small groups will meet at the end to go deeper in what we have learned. Counting tonight there are 3 more Monday Bible studies scheduled this semester. We will meet in April but not have a Bible study guest speaker. It’s easy to say “I’m too busy” but this is the one of the most important times of your week. Don’t neglect this essential time with other Christians on the USM campus. Make it a priority to be here with your Southern Miss BSU family!

Lunch today: What is the Resurrection?

Nick Kelsoe will teach on the Resurrection and then we’ll offer discussion questions at the end for you to discuss at tables. Nick is the student pastor at 38th Ave. Baptist Church.

We’re serving chicken sandwiches, baked beans & potato salad. Lunch is $2.00 but free for international students. Join us!

Nick Kelsoe - 38th Ave. Baptist Church
Nick Kelsoe – 38th Ave. Baptist Church