2014 Leadership Team

Five teams make up one entire BSU student Leadership Team.  The teams are Hospitality, Inreach, Worship, Missions & Internationals. 47 students are currently serving on our team from January to December of 2014. Each team is led by a vice president who works directly with the president. Below you can see our 2014 President and Vice-Presidents.

Alissa Clouse – BSU President  

Maggie Betsch – Inreach Team VP
Wesley Bunch
Alex Carlson
Casey Fitch
Cody Hannah
Colby Johnson
Jennifer Main
Lynn Nevels
Kari Ousterhout
Emma Reeves
Kelsey Stewart

Ashley Felder - Hospitality Team VP
Dalton Barnett
Reagan Dougay
Taylor Huddleston
Andrew Hudson
Meredith Moody
Jessica Ringo
Joshua Zebert

Justin Dickens – Worship Team VP
Mary Beth Holmes
Tyler Keys
Chasity Lowe
Cole Maddox
Christopher Wood

Missions Team VP
Amanda Brandon
Stephen Guthrie
Becky Jones
Samantha Keys
Rebekah Stewart
Tony Tang
Taylor Trigg
Stephanie Wilkins
Lakelyn Taylor

Austin Sylvest – International Team VP
Beverly Andrews
Lauren Gardner
Brittni Loar
Erik Pohle
Jacob Pruett
Jacob Rowzee